Channing Tatum is back! Fans of Step Up and Magic Mike beware, here comes a whole new level of choreographies performed by the best (and the most ripped) actors out there. In Magic Mike XXL,  Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash and Joe Manganiello have all signed up again to amaze you with their moves.


It’s been three years since Mike has left the Kings of Tampa. He wanted to put his stripper life behind him and open his own custom design furniture shop. However, old habits die hard and when Tarzan contacts him saying that Dallas is “gone”, Mike feels obligated to show up. He and the remaining crew will finally hit the road for one last performance.


For the skeptical, yes Magic Mike XXL is a stripper movie, yes the dialogue are mostly worthless and yes the plot is far fetched but who cares? Hang on to your socks because the dances are absolutely incredible. Who cares about the story-line when the actors put on a show this good. Channing Tatum, I believe, is at his best here.

If you are a fan of dance movies such as Dance-off, Flashdance Footloose , Honey or Save the last dance. 2 and of Channing Tatum (The VowFoxcatcher, Fighting, Jupiter ascending or Haywire) do not miss it.