With amazing blockbusters such as the Equalizer, Training day, Shooter and Tears of the sun, Antoine Fuqua has learnt how to shock, excite, move and frighten us. The same goes for another of his brilliant movies: Brooklyn’s finest.
Brooklyns Finest

With such an impressive cast, little could go wrong and little did go wrong in this great, gritty cop drama. The story retraces the lives of three main characters, all police officers with very different personalities and career paths. The first is Eddis Dugan (Richard Gere). He only has seven days left until retirement and wants to spent his last days as a cop like he spent his whole service: avoiding drama and staying out of trouble. The second, Sal Procida (Ethan Hawke), is in narcotics and is used to getting his hands dirty and risking his life but to what end? Sal has nothing to show for the commitment he is giving to the force. His family is growing and he cannot provide for them. Finally, we meet Clarence Butler AKA Tango (Don Cheadle), undercover in the gangs. Respected by the drug dealing community, he struggles to find similar loyalties with his superior and is starting to question his future.

Those three men are connected and all will unravel within 7 days.


This movie is great because it is real. There are no heroes and beautiful ladies in distress to rescue. The characters are confronted with real life dilemnas and most of the time choose the wrong path. Lead with strong performances, the whole cast does an amazing job at describing the other side of the police force. Beware if you do not like blood as there is little left to the imagination when is comes to shoot outs. Of course, that’s what great about it. Nothing is hidden. Not the blood, nor the slime or the real nature of men.

The critics didn’t like the movie and I cannot understand why. I loved it.