A new shipment of books turned up at Spearwood this week, with some delightful new titles for you to browse, as well as some old classics.

In the box we found some Australian children’s classics, reprinted in these gorgeously bright new covers

I can jump puddles by Alan Marshall

Hating Alison Ashley by Robin Klein

Seven little Australians by Ethel Turner, and…

Playing Beatie Bow by Ruth Park (click on the titles to see them on the catalogue and reserve them).

And for the adults, we unpacked a whole series of fantastic books about the capital cities of Australia, written by local residents who have genuine passion for their homes. History, memory and good yarns, all packed up into these neat little gems from NewSouth Publishing.

The whole Cities series can be seen on our catalogue, and it includes the copy of Alice Springs by Eleanor Hogan that is already on the shelf, as well as the very exciting forthcoming copy of Perth by Fremantle local David Whish-Wilson, whose new book Zero at the bone we also recently got.

Lastly, an assortment of new non-fiction:

Tina Arena: now I can dance by Tina Arena

JFK: the smoking gun by Colin McLaren, and

(the very, very black) Birth, school, Metallica, death Volume I, by Paul Brannigan & Ian Winwood.

These books will all be available in the next few days, so get in quick and reserve copies today!