It was appropriate that in Harmony Week 2017, culminating in Harmony Day on Tuesday, that a new language was added library’s Languages other the English collection of books and magazines. Sinhalese language is the latest addition to the Languages collections, with over 50 books written in Sinhalese now on the shelf at Success Library. That brings to 30, the number of different languages that the library has in its collections (including English, which obviously makes up the bulk of our library books and magazines).

Which language is the most popular in Cockburn?

Chinese language books were the most borrowed from our languages collection in 2016,  followed by Italian, then Croatian. These were the big three languages in 2016,  making up 66% of the total of books in languages other than English that were borrowed from Cockburn Libraries.  See the rest of the Top 10 most borrowed languages in the infographic below.

Infographic: harmony and diversity - languages collection and multicultural programs at Cockburn Libraries


 Multicultural Events & Programs at the library

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Language collections in other Australian public libraries

As was the case in the City of Cockburn, Chinese language books proved to be the most borrowed in libraries around Australia, based on the data collected by Civica from libraries using Civica’s Spydus library management software (which includes Cockburn Libraries).  This week Civica published the infographic below to coincide with Harmony Day, and it inspired our own infographic above. In the accompanying media release, Simon Jones, Libraries and Education Solutions Managing Director at Civica, noted the importance of libraries providing support and resources for migrant and non-English speaking members of the community: 

“As the focal point for community participation, it is important that public libraries can offer resources, books and activities which encourage inclusiveness and a sense of belonging for everyone, no matter what language they speak.”

Civica - Libraries and Harmony Day - Infographic