Crime, Conviction and Prison. One of the most talked about issues in today’s world. The book Stolen Time by Sunny Jacobs not only represents the issues discussed in absolute detail, however it brings us as the outsiders into the mind of someone on the inside. Sunny Jacobs was the first female in the State of Florida to be wrongfully convicted for a crime she did not commit back in the 1970’s. Sunny Jacobs spent 17 years in jail, five of the years in on death row.

Sunny Jacobs was travelling with her partner Jesse in which were caught up in the murder of two policemen however, Jesse’s friend actually murdered the policemen in front of the couple. After 17 years Sunny was offered an Alford plea, which freed her however still caused her to have a second-degree murder charge on record. This book entails the immense scrutiny this woman went through day in and day out. Not only did this destroy her family but also like the title suggest it was her time stolen by the State of Florida.

The powerfulness of the writing conveyed by the author Sunny Jacobs herself demonstrates a powerful, intriguing yet determined and dedicated human being that stayed true to herself, her family, her children and her partner despite the difficulties she suffered. This book not only demonstrates the issues amongst laws, police and corruption it clearly shows the determination of one person, a woman in particular can get through anything just by a persistent yet patient person.

Overall this book is inspiring to any person, it is an interesting read to see what really happens on the inside particularly dating back over 40 years.