Woman reading a book

Photo by National Media Museum on Flickr

Just read the best (or worst) book of your life, but don’t have anyone to tell? It might be time to join a book club. Lucky for you, here at Cockburn public libraries you have a whole lot of options open to you.

Are you a natural organiser? You can borrow book sets to start your very own book club. Click here to see all the sets we have on the catalogue, and click here to read more about borrowing the sets for your own club. Click here to read some useful and practical advice for running your book club.

Book club sets
Some of the book club boxes available for loan at Spearwood Public Library.

Just looking to join an established book club? Cockburn libraries currently have three to choose from – click here to learn more about these monthly clubs. Additionally, check out this link for a list of book clubs around Perth, catering to all tastes and schedules.

Or perhaps you’d rather read about book clubs, without the bother of actually having to join one? We can help you there, too! Click through any of the links below to take you straight to the catalogue records of these book-club-related books:

And who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to join one after all that reading…