Bodyhack is a new Australian documentary television series. Presented by adrenaline junkie, Todd Sampson, it takes us all over the world to discover, meet and experience the lives of exceptional people. As a whole, they are the definition of extraordinary and through displays of inconceivable power, they truly show us that the human body is astonishing.

Be prepared to meet true heroes and true warriors.

Todd Sampson became famous in Australia working on the ABC Network’ show Gruen. He then becoming a regular panelist on The Project. With this new series, he takes on a huge challenge. He is not only meeting out-of-this-world people and athletes but also entering their world and becoming as much like them as possible. Using science to guide him, he discovers how the human body can be conditioned to do amazing things.

Directed by Jeff Siberry, the first season of Bodyhack has six episodes. Todd will meet and become an MMA fighter, a hunter gatherer, a french foreign legion soldier, an Himalayan Sherpa, a Bollywood stuntman and a free diver.

Bodyhack is extreme adventure at its finest.

If you’ve ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of MMA or Bollywood movies then this show is for you. I found it very interesting and deeply detailed. Todd uses science to explain what happens to his body as it is happening. He is clever and insane. He goes to the ultimate lengths to really test his body and his endurance. All I can say is that he is either incredibly brave or stupid. Indeed, who would jump into a professional MMA fight with only 10 days of training? Todd Sampson is incredible and his show is very entertaining to watch.

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