Nam Le’s book of short stories, The Boat, has won this year’s Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Fiction, the Minister for the Arts, Peter Garrett,  announced today. The author wins a prize of $100,000.  “The [fiction] judging panel was impressed by the daring scope and excellence of its execution, the generous breadth of its emotional and social traverse and the excitement generated by every story.”

The non-fiction award, also with $100,000 in prize money, was jointly awarded to Evelyn Juers for House of Exile: The Life and Times of Heinrich Mann and Nellie Kroeger-Man and Marilyn Lake & Henry Reynolds for Drawing the Global Colour Line.  “Both books explore important racial, moral and political issues of Australia’s past. The Non-Fiction judging panel said ‘With great intellectual authority and international research Evelyn Juers, Marilyn Lake and Henry Reynolds tell their stories magnificently.’ “