“Don’t ask for things to happen the way you want, be happy with wanting them as they happen”
When I quoted the above lines to a friend, he retorted: “The dude has EPIC in his name …you know when he opens his mouth he’s gonna say smart things”. On a serious note, it is indeed smart because you never know …maybe one’s worst luck is one’s best chance…maybe it opens one’s eyes to tangible imperative things.
This is the crux of the graphic novel Blue Pills by the author Frederik Peeters. It is the story of the author’s relationship with an HIV positive woman and her HIV positive son. In this deeply personal story Frederik Peeters ponders about love, life and illness in a Socratic dialogue which is moving and revelatory. The book concludes with Fred “recognising that living with illness is also a gift; it has freed him to savour his life”.
“BLUE PILLS is an unquestionably important book, in terms of its easily enjoyable approach to the emotionally charged subject matter”. It has been nominated for several prestigious comic book awards and is sure to resonate with all.