During Library Lovers’ Week (the week leading up to Valentine’s Day aka Library Lovers’ Day; 10-14 February), the City of Cockburn Libraries will be arranging blind dates…with books. Hundreds of  books will be wrapped in brown paper ready to be borrowed by those of you who want to take a chance and live (a little) dangerously.

You won’t know what book you’ve chosen until you get home, or leave the library (for those of you who can’t wait to unwrap your date). You might discover a new area of interest,  an unread genre, or an author you haven’t heard of before. It might be the start of a beautiful lifelong relationship!

But like real life blind dates, sometimes things just don’t work out. So if you and your blind date don’t click, at least you can say you tried; you gave the first chapter a go, and, unlike a real life blind date, you can just return the book to the library.