Meet Matt Wilson for a chat about mental health.

Black Dog on a Lead is a charity that encourages people to talk openly about mental illness. Open communication is key for eliminating any stigma or taboo associated with mental health. The question is: why should society treat mental illness differently to any other illness?

Matt Wilson will talk about his own journey to mental health and how Black Dog on a Lead made such an impact on his life that he decided to give back by volunteering with the charity. He will also give you some tips on self-care.

Massimo Lustini and his best mate Alessandro Alberti started the charity in 2014 and now have an annual Black Dog on a Lead Walk around Bibra Lake during Mental Health Week.

Join Matt to find out more about this inspiring organisation and how to join in the walk for mental health.

For more information about the Walk for Mental Health event go here

When: Thursday 30 September 5pm-6pm

Where: Spearwood Library, 9 Coleville Crescent Spearwood

Free but bookings required