The last season of Sons of Anarchy is finally available on DVD and the betrayals, the schemes and the retaliations are up a notch. If you don’t like violence, stay far away from this one because the Sons are going out with a bang!


After the murder of his wife, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) has only one goal in mind: vengeance. Far is the time when he wanted a new direction for his motorcycle gang, a legal pathway to survival. His good conscience is now gone and there is hell to pay. Of course, he has no idea that the horrible person that killed his wife, Tara in such a violent and terrible manner is none other that his own mother. Gemma Teller (Katey Sagal) has blood on her hands and needs to find a way to appease her son while steering the investigation away from her. She decides to give him a lead that will unleash new alliances, destroy old ones and ultimately turn the street of Charming into a war zone.

Be prepared for SAMCRO’s wrath. It will be surprising, ingenious, cunning and most of all bloody.


Jackson, what happens at the end of the day?
Jax: The bad guys lose.

Sons of Anarchy is one of the best shows out there. Men and women will love it because it manages to wrap amazing family stories as well as scandals, lust, betrayals and murders with high-adrenaline outlaw bikers action. This last season has an even more gripping plot. Some of the episodes are really striking. It is beautifully written. The Sons of Anarchy don’t need a new bad guy this time, they already have quite a lot of evil going around in their own mist. It was a clever way to end things.


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