Tell us how we can improve roads and paths so more people will ride bicycles and walk in the City of Cockburn. Public Consultation via Interactive Online Map.

Head over to the online mapping tool right now to Add a Spot to the map or to add your vote to an existing spot. 

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The City of Cockburn is working on a new draft Bicycle Plan 2016-2020, which will encourage more people to ride bicycles and walk as a travel choice.

We want to develop a more connected bicycle network, improving links to existing routes and making cycling more accessible for people of all ages and abilities. The online mapping tool gives you the opportunity to comment on locations where bicycle, pedestrian or shared path infrastructure are required or can be improved.

We want to know:

  • Where you like riding your bicycle or walking in the City of Cockburn.
  • Your ideas to improve bike riding and walking in the City.
  • Your bike riding and walking issues and challenges in the City.

Try Adding a Spot to the map! You can also comment on other people’s spots or add your vote to existing spots on the map.

For more information visit the Bike & Walk Cockburn FAQs page or contact