A pizza made at Coolbellup Library Recipe Club
Hmmmmmm! Sorry that this blog cannot provide the aromas that went with the pizza pictured. Needless to say, the pizza tasted and smelled as good as it looked. Thanks to Jacquie, the members of the Recipe Club @ Coolbellup Library got to sample this wonderful creation. Jacqui gave us some excellent tips to create the best pizza ever. Here is Jacquie’s recipe for the best pizza this writer has ever tasted – and I have tasted a LOT of pizza in my time.

Pizza Dough

  • 500gm plain flour
  • 400mls water
  • one half teaspoons yeast
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil


  • Mix flour, sugar, salt together add yeast, oil and water
  • Mix to dough. Can do by hand or in good mixer but hand is better.
  • If too sticky add a little flour until dough is smooth. (basically I sprinkle flour on my hands and knead up to a smooth ball. It must be soft to touch. Set aside in greased bowl and cover with damp warm cloth and place in a warm spot until it rises to twice its size.
  • Tip. This could take 30 to 40 mins depending on how warm the day. I usually leave mine for up to 3 hours.
  • Knead back up to ball and divide in half to make 2 pizza (roll out).

Toppings: Tomato base, add ham or bacon, mushrooms, olives and cheese ( whatever takes your fancy really)

  • Place dough into tray with a good drop of olive oil. Rub oil on top of dough and add toppings.
  • Let stand for another 35 minutes and cover loosley with glad wrap
  • Bake in very hot oven 240c for 10 minutes then reduce to 190c for next 15 to 20 minutes and cook unitl brown.
  • Cool on tray for a few minutes. I slide a spatula under it to let heat out. This way you don’t get a wet base.

We also sampled Jacquie’s home grown olives along with her super secret tomato base. Believe me it was delicious! Jacquie also shared her method for creating a warm place for your dough to rise when the weather is just not co-operating.

Fran and Kim brought in a couple of cakes for desert. Fran brought us a boiled Pineapple and date cake that she had sampled at a recent CWA Camp she and Jacquie had attended and a sample of a Chocolate Walnut Slice that she has been fine tuning. It is safe to say that Fran has perfected it now and we were very happy to give it a bit tick. Kim added to the gluttony by bringing samples of an Armenian Nutmeg Cake. Note to self. Don’t eat breakfast before attending the next meeting of the Coolbellup Library Recipe Club! If you are interested in attending the Coolbellup Library Recipe Club, enquire at the library or give us a call on 9411 3830.