Hey all,
Hope everyone had a good holiday period. Now, as is generally the thing to do around this time of year I thought it would be nifty to put up some ‘best of’ lists.  These are the most borrowed items of the year at Cockburn Libraries.  Now, OK – in some cases we have multiple copies of the item so it may not be the most balanced and even way of doing things but hey – it’s fun.  This week I’ll be posting the most borrowed multimedia, the most borrowed comics and the most borrowed books so let’s get on down to it!

Top 5 Junior non fiction DVD’s
5. Kid detectives: Complete Season One
4. Bindi the Jungle Girl: Roar Episodes 9-12
3. My first visist to the dentist
2. Amphibian/Bear
1. High school musical: the concert: extreme access pass

Top 5 Junior fiction DVD’s
5. Star Wars: The clone wars
4. Hannah Montana Season 3 Part 2
3. Coraline
2. Alvin and the Chipmunks meet the wolfman
1. Bratz: Genie Magic

Top 5 Junior kindergarten DVD’s
5. The Fairies: Three friends collection
4. Ducktales Volume 1
3. Wow! Wow! Wubzy! Happy holidays!
2. Curious George rides a  bike
1. Curious George 2 – Follow that monkey

Top 5 PC games
5. The Fairies: Fairy magic
4. Dora the explorer: Dora saves the Crystal Kingdom
3. Mortimer Beckett and the secrets of Spooky Manor
2. The cat in the hat
1. Thomas saves the day

Top 5 Talking Books
5. Harry Potter and the philospher’s stone
4. The BFG
3. The very hungry caterpillar
2. Phantom of the subway: the temple of the ruby fire
1. My extremely good story collection – by Lauren Child

I’m disapointed that Star Wars didn’t beat Bratz. Ah well. Stay tuned for tomorrow when I do the top graphic novels of the year.