Mummies have been a hit for quite some time. They make for great adventure/horror movies. With time and technology, they are also becoming more and more realistic on screen. However, does that mean the films are becoming more interesting? Which mummy is best?

The mummy (2017)

Dr. Henry Jekyll: Welcome to a new world of gods and monsters.

Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) is in the military. However, honor and country are not first on his list. Money is what motivates him and timeless artifact usually sell for a high price. On a mission in the middle east, he manages to find Ahmanet, a powerful Egyptian princess mummified thousand of years ago to protect mankind. Now unearthed she will try to fulfill her curse and rule mankind.

Tom Cruise… What can I say except that he’s trying too hard. He’s not young anymore, he should stop playing the sexy carefree hero. It doesn’t suit him.

The movie itself… The screenplay is weak and full of cliches. The special effects and the action scenes are not enough to redeem it. In the end, it is an average film. The worst is that it is supposed to be the beginning of a new series. If the first one is a catastrophe, I’m not sure the others will even be worth watching.

The mummy (1999) and The mummy returns (2001)

Evelyn, Imhotep: Death is only the beginning.

Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz) is a librarian specializing in ancient Egypt. However, she doesn’t have experience in the field. When she hears that Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser) has seen the city of Hamunaptra, she has to hire him. Together, they will embark on an incredible adventure. Indeed, the High Priest Imhotep waits for the moment he will be resurrected so he can exact his vengeance against the world.

Brendan Fraser! What can I say except that he is perfect for the role. He is funny, cute and I love him.

The movie itself… It has everything, action, horror, comedy and romance. Each actor has been chosen carefully. They have an undeniable chemistry that makes it a winner. The flashbacks, action scenes and even special effects are unbelievable. Heroes and villains make this film a great adventure. It is unpretentious and it is awesome!

The Mummy

So, which is best?

I believe I have made my opinion pretty obvious and the critics agree. In 1999, when The Mummy came out in the cinemas, I could not wait to see it. It was and it still is a brilliant movie. Contrary to previous versions, it was mixing fun and horror. It was refreshing. It is one of my favourite movies. The 2017 version, however, does not surprise. It is quite boring. We will have to wait and see what they do with the following movies since it is a new series but if you want my advice, stick to Brendan Fraser and you won’t be disappointed.