Set in the 1920’s, this lovely film is based on the well loved children’s novel by Noel Streatfield. Three young orphaned girls are adopted by an eccentric geologist, Professor Matthew Brown, who gives them the surname of Fossil. The girls are raised by Professor Brown’s niece Sylvia (Emilia Fox) and the movie traces their struggles to achieve their dreams of becoming a ballerina, an actor and an aviator. It’s an uplifting little tale and a wonderful movie about girls and their ambitions. Emma Watson, aka Hermione Grainger from the Harry Potter movies, takes on the role of the temperamental Pauline and puts in a fine performance. Lucy Boynton is lovely as Posy the aviatrix in the making and Yasmin Page makes an impressive Petrova, who longs to be a ballerina. Naturally the girls face many trials and tribulations but with the support of their loving family, friends and most of all each other, they work their way through difficult times with great results.