Hi Everyone,

Seeing that we are moving from winter into spring, I thought it would be nice to make something lite and easy. I must say, there are some really good recipe books in our collection, and it was hard to select the perfect recipe for the season. I have found “the food of the Mediterranean” recipe book absolutely wonderful. The book comprises of easy to follow recipes, with great colourful pictures. You really want to make every recipe in this book. Apart from the recipes, there are also vast information about the Mediterranean countries, including France, Italy, Morocco and Spain. I have learned that “Tiramisu” means “Pick me up” in Italian. I can recommend this book for any occasion. 

Happy baking!
Lizelle 🙂

Photo by Lizelle


5 eggs, separated
170 g caster (superfine) sugar
300 g mascarpone cheese
250 ml cold strong coffee
3 tablespoons brandy or sweet Marsala
36 small sponge fingers
80 g dark choclate, finely grated

Serves 4


  1. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar until the sugar has dissolved and the mixture is light and fluffy and leaves a ribbon trail when dropped from the whisk. Add the mascarpone and beat until the mixture is smooth.
  2. Whisk the egg whites in a clean dry glass bowl, using a wire whisk or hand beaters, until soft peaks form. Fold into the mascarpone mixture.
  3. Pour the coffee into a shallow dish and add the brandy. Dip enough biscuits to cover the base of a 25 cm square dish into the coffee. The biscuits should be fairly well soaked but not so much so that they break up. Arrange the biscuits in one tightly packed layer in the base of the dish.
  4. Spread half the mascarpone mixture over the layer of biscuits. Add another layer of soaked biscuits and then another layer of mascarpone, smoothing the top layer neatly.
  5. Dust with grated chocolate to server.

Note: The flavours will be better developed if you can make the tiramisu a few hours in advance or even the night before.

This recipe can be found in “the food of the Mediterranean” book, page 401.