#BakeTogether Monte Carlo Bake Off

Arnott’s is releasing recipes for some of their classic biscuits so that everyone stuck at home can still #baketogether and their first recipe is the Monte Carlo.

Cockburn Libraries thought it would be a great opportunity to come together, while apart, and do a little bake-off. Below are some photos and information from our time baking. If you want to get in on the fun, please send us a photo.

Jessica – gluten free edit

I left the recipe the same except for switching out the flour. My biscuits expanded a little in the oven. I has put the first cut batch into the fridge to keep cool while I cut the second batch and they did better so I would recommend a second cooling in the fridge for gluten free bakers.

I made these with my niece. I liked them, though I have to say I may end up eating the rest of the biscuits by themselves as I really liked the plain biscuit even without the jam and filling.

Niece – they were good. Would probably make them again.


My girls helped and had a little debate with my older one about how we should mix the raspberry jam and cream before spreading it on, so that they look like the actual Monte Carlos. Had quite a lot of the cream filling left even after we put generous amounts between two biscuits. Great biscuits!

Thanks for sharing the recipe!


When Arnott’s releases their “secret” Monte Carlo recipe, then there is no question, you have to try it out. The lemon rind was a surprise ingredient, which I guess is what makes this an authentic version as all the other recipes I’ve seen only have the coconut. Overall, a pretty decent replication of the flavour of the packet ones.



They were yummy.


My sons and I attempted the Monte Carlo recipe. I usually have problems making biscuits and this was no different! There was no golden syrup at the shops so I used (homegrown) honey. I’m not sure if that was the reason, but my dough was very sticky even after refrigerating for extra time. This meant it was difficult to cut and I ended up with varied sizes. It was time-consuming and messy trying to get them on the tray, and some were massive (my kids were happy with that!). The other main issue was that I ran out of icing sugar after I had started making the filling. I just added white sugar so it was grainy.

But still very tasty and quite similar to the real deal. I hope Arnott’s release more recipes!