If there is one genre that I detest it is horror. You might say that I am too sensitive but, for me, movies are a time spent on the couch relaxing and not tensing from fright. I use this downtime to help my stress level down not bring it up.

However, a lot of my friends are backpackers and I have been hearing about Wolf Creek for a long time now. I have been told many different stories about this film. It is rumored among backpackers that all of it is true, that the killer is still running and as a consequence, that going to Wolf Creek is a real adventure.

Last week I finally decided to watch it. I believe that it is a good Australian film. The scenery is quite magical and I can understand the will to see for yourself this part of the country. The actors are perfectly chosen. Of course, before you even start watching it, you will have an idea of the plot. It is after all a horror movie and people will get killed but you still wonder how it is going to happen. I really appreciated the portrayal of the outback and the Aussie bush.

If you like the genre, you will love it.


However, what about the story? As I found out “based on true events” is quite different from “a true story”.

The closest murder case is the one perpetuated in the northern territory by a mechanic called Bradley John Murdoch who managed to make two British tourists pull over, and told them that sparks were coming out of the exhaust of their van in order to shoot them. One fortunately survived, escaping while the killer was taking care of her friend’s body.

The closest murderer would be Ivan Milat, the backpacker killer. Milat was a serial killer targeting hitchhikers taking them into the woods to torture and kill them. Those unspeakable events took place in New south wales and therefore very far away from the outback and Wolf Creek itself.

Both have been caught.


Still, knowing the whole truth won’t prevent you from enjoying the movie, on the contrary, it will give you some insight and a topic to talk about with your friends.



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