Who went and watched the biggest movie ever in the history of movies last week? No I’m not referring to Battleship (based on the board game? Where are there aliens attacking the earth in the boardgame? WHERE?) but the Earths Mightiest Heroes – The Avengers (TM)!
For those not in the know Marvel have been putting out comic book movies over the last few years – Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk – and now they’ve made a movie with all of the characters in it together! It’s a comic book nerd’s dream come true and I almost passed out while watching it!
But what’s this you say – what relevance does it have to I, loyal library user? The Avengers is a comic book that has been published since the early 1960’s and we have just one or two for you to choose from if the movie was your thing! Plus if you want an Avengers comic to keep pop on in on Saturday 5th May as we’re celebrating free comic book day and have hundreds of comics to give away – including the Avengers! Onward!
Modern books
Avengers Disassembled – The beginning of the new breed of Avengers books.  Writer Brian Michael Bendis completely destroyed the Avengers as they were, which then led into the acclaimed New Avengers series.
New Avengers V1 – the next chapter
New Avengers (V2) Books 1 + 2 – Perfect superhero comic books.
Secret Avengers – A more covert take on the Avengers.
Classic books
Avengers – Assault on Olympus – A classic from Roger Stern and John Buscema.  Pretty much what it says. Assault on Olympus.
Avengers Forever – An amazing romp (yep, I said romp) through space and time by Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pachecho. Awesomeness guaranteed.
Avengers – Ultimate character guide – Want to know who’s who in the Avengers universe?
Avengers – Earth’s mightiest heroes – Season 1 – One of the best Marvel cartoons ever, this 24 episode series is HIGHLY recommended.