Authors Peter Carey, Bryce Courtenay, Thomas Keneally, David Malouf, Colleen McCullough and Tim Winton  all appear on the latest set of Australian Legend stamps released by Australia Post last week.

The annual Australian Legends series of stamps started in 1997 with Sir Donald Bradman, the first time a living person who wasn’t a monarch had appeared on an Australian stamp. Each year the Legends series honours individuals who have made a lifetime contribution to the development of our national identity and character

It’s good to see WA get a showing with Tim Winton, who said of the stamps; “It’s great to think that Australians would honour writers in the same way that it has honoured sports stars.” The only female author included, Colleen McCullough, said that “it’s the sort of thing you never think is going to happen to you. I’m just amazed that I’m going to go all over the world on a stamp – at least I hope I do.”