Before television and the internet, listening to stories was a big thing. The radio provided listening entertainment to the world. Families gathered around the radio to listen to the latest instalment of popular radio shows.

In Australia, some famous radio shows were Dad and Dave from Snake Gully and Blue Hills.

An infamous radio play broadcast in 1938 in the United States was War of The Worlds read by Orson Welles.

Today, there is a boom in the publishing world and it is Audiobooks. Sometimes known as Talking books, this format is pulling in audiences who are listening to a range of genres; from classic stories to non-fiction and biographies. The great thing about an Audiobook is, you can listen on the go.

Celebrities, actors and A-list talent are reading books to capture your attention and get you listening. Here at the library we have a range of formats for your listening pleasure.

We have CDs and mp3 discs which you can borrow from the shelf

Or our downloadable Audiobooks

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The experience of listening to a book can be exciting, relaxing and imaginative.

A good story needs a good narrator and for me this is the key to a great listening experience.

Many people enjoy Audiobooks because it suits their lifestyle. Listening while on a long drive, at the gym, or doing household chores can be a great way to enjoy a talking book.

Here are some popular Audiobooks available to borrow

Audiobook cover for Burial rites
Audiobook cover for A spool of blue thread
Audiobook cover for Mantel pieces