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Happy New Year!!!

Celebrate the new year by watching some anime titles that are new to the library. We have a huge selection to share with you this time round and, as always, it’s an eclectic bunch of series and feature films – so check them out below, then come in and check them out for reals!

We have several films to see this update. A couple of stand alone features:

perfect bluePerfect blue [dvd]
“Mima Kirigoe is a squeaky-clean Japanese pop singer who decides to leave the music industry and try her hand at acting. She soon finds herself in a surreal nightmare with an obsessed fan and a series of bloody murders. PERFECT BLUE explores the voyeuristic modern-day obsessions with celebrity, identity, mental instability” and the darker side of the net.
By master director of existential surrealism, Satoshi Kon.


GITS 2 innocenceGhost in the shell, 2 [dvd] : Innocence
The long awaited sequel to the landmark classic Ghost in the Shell. “Innocence is the story of a solitary cyborg who desperately wants to hold on to what’s left of his humanity in a world where the worth of the human soul is fading almost into obscurity.”
Sadly, for me, this follow-up isn’t a patch on the original. It gets bogged down in too much long-winded, and somewhat pretentious, philosophical navel gazing.


Vampire hunter DWe have a replacement copy for a popular classic that was “lost” not long after we first got it – we know who you are …

Vampire hunter D : bloodlust [dvd]
“A noble mercenary, D, is hired by a wealthy rancher to rescue his beautiful daughter from the clutches of the malevolent nightstalker Meier Link. D must outwit competing bounty hunters and numerous trials sent to test him.”


And, as is common with very popular anime series, a few follow-up features:

TRIGUN_BADLANDS RUMBLETrigun [dvd] : Badlands rumble
Vash The Stampede is back!
“Vash the Stampede is a gunslinging, red-trenchcoat-wearing drifter with a giant bounty on his head. His biggest threat, however, may not be law enforcement, but an outlaw by the name of Gasback. Twenty years ago, Vash accidentally interefered with one of Gasback’s robberies, and now the villain’s back with a score to settle.”


The sacred star of MilosFollowing on from the second anime incarnation (the “Brotherhood” series) of the smash hit manga.
Fullmetal alchemist, the movie [dvd]. The sacred star of Milos
“A fugitive alchemist with mysterious abilities leads the Elric brothers to a distant valley of slums inhabited by the Milos, a proud people struggling against bureaucratic exploitation. Ed and Al quickly find themselves in the middle of a rising rebellion as the exiled Milos lash out against their oppressors.”


Clamp Double FeatureClamp Double Feature [dvd] : Xxxholic – A Midsummer Night’s Dream / Tsubasa Chronicles – The Princess In The Birdcage.
“From the sweeping universe of CLAMP, two journeys run parallel yet intersect. As two souls seek the mystery of truth, worlds collide where the Dimensional Witch waits. There is no coincidence, only the inevitable… ”


We have several complete series titles:

Haibane-RenmeiHaibane-Renmei [dvd] : the complete series
“The Haibane, enigmatic youths with halos and flightless, grey-feathered wings, live in a sleepy town surrounded by impenetrable walls – only the crows may come and go. Reki, an older Haibane, discovers a new cocoon, from which Rakka emerges possessing no memories except that of her dream of falling. Questions of her existence cloud Rakka’s mind as she struggles to learn the ways of the Haibane and to help Reki escape the Circle of Sin.”


CanaanCanaan. [dvd] Complete series
“Canaan is a war orphan from the Middle East, rescued from the ruins of her war-torn village and raised by an ex-mercenary named Sham. Her life is set for revenge when Sham is murdered by Alphard – the leader of a bio-terrorism organisation known as Snake, who have claimed responsibility for attacks on China and Japan.”


Desert PunkDesert punk. [dvd] Complete collection
“Meet Kanta, the… err… “hero” of our story. Well, the good guy. No, not quite. Hmm… Anyway, styling himself the “Desert Punk,” he’s out to make a name for himself as the best handyman for hire. No job is too tough, and no opponent too nefarious. That is, until he runs into Junko, the siren of the sands. Double-crossed by these double-D’s, Desert Punk finds himself with a job he couldn’t complete and a debt he can’t repay.”


KURAU PHANTOM MEMORYKurau: Phantom memory. [dvd] Collection
“Her name is Kurau, and in a world of mercenary agents, she’s the cream of the elite; a master martial artist and thief so skilled that no secret or objective is beyond her grasp. The greatest secret of all, however, is the one Kurau conceals inside herself – the freak result of a disastrous experiment with a new kind of energy, Kurau’s body has been fused with a binary alien life form called the Rynax.”


Gad GuardGad Guard. [dvd] Complete collection
“Many people have searched for it, many have stolen it, and many will kill for it. The Gad is a seemingly magical stone which, once making a strong spiritual connection with someone, will grow into a very powerful robot known as a Techode – a mechanical being that embodies the will of the bonded person.
This is the story of Hajiki Sanada, a boy struggling to help support his fatherless family in an electricity-impoverished city known as Night Town. One day he encounters the Gad and a special bond is formed. Now his life will never be the same… ”

The first complete season of:

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 00 SEASON 1Mobile suit Gundam 00. [dvd] Season 1
2307 A.D. “In a world of unceasing conflict, a private armed organisation steps forward, declaring their intention to eliminate war through martial force. Using the power of their mobile suits, a series of four high-performance machines each dubbed “Gundam”, the paramilitary organisation known as Celestial Being, takes the world-stage, beginning armed interventions within all the world’s nations.”
This is a great series to begin your love affair with the larger Mobile Suit Gundam sci-fi/mecha universe.


A compilation set from:

The Best Of Battle of the PlanetsBattle of the planets [dvd] : the best of
Do I really need to say anything about this series? Aka. Gatchaman – or Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. That’s right, science ninjas!
To watch this blast from the past in it’s proper order, and what self respecting fanboy wouldn’t, check out the Complete collection titles at Spearwood.


And last, but certainly not least, the second and third releases of one of the most popular anime/manga series of all time:



Collection 03 [dvd]


As you can see, with a veritable storm of new anime titles hitting the shelf, we haven’t been slacking off over the holiday season.    [no rest for the wicked, eh? –  Ed.]
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Come in and browse our anime collection – and have a cool summer!  ^_^