Hey there. It’s May already and, to my horror, Easter (and April!) has already come and gone – not that I find Easter horrifying in any way but, you know, where’s the time gone! So, I thought I’d better get an Autumn update out before it technically becomes winter!

As always, there is quite a broad selection of styles and themes, and age appropriate-ness – this list includes our first R18+ anime title (that means grown up anime buffs only, people). So, without further adieu:

First up, ignoring the recent hollywood palava, it’s back to the future with a pre-prequel series to the landmark ’90s cyberpunk classic – Ghost in the Shell. This series may mess with and rewrite some of the original backstories of certain characters and how the famous Section 9 crew met and came together, but I can’t hold that against it when it stays true to the spirit of the characters and previous iterations. Check it out:

Ghost in the Shell:
Arise – Part 1

Ghost in the Shell:
Arise – Part 2

There is also this interesting but flawed urban terror/suspense crime title:

Terror in Resonance

While the world searches for a criminal mastermind to blame for this tragedy, two mysterious children – children who shouldn’t even exist – masterfully carry out their heinous plan.


Now for something completely different – some fantastical adventuring:

A letter to Momo


Nanana’s buried treasure

Something that’s also, err … technically a fantastical adventure series – but in a very different way (I’m saying no more, read the title summary):

Mikagura school suite
“Eruna Ichinomiya has no desire to focus on what high school to pick … but when her cousin Shigure Ninomiya shows her the pamphlet to Mikagura Academy, Eruna finds her picture-perfect reason to go to high school: the beautiful Seisa Mikagura. After a bizarre entrance exam and interview with a flying, talking cat, it’s clear that Mikagura is not a typical high school. Students are focused more on clubs, battles, and their special magical attacks instead of regular studies. And if Eruna wants to win over the cool, powerful Seisa, she’s got to join a club and hone her own special attack. But that’s easier said than done. Especially when there are so many cute girls to distract her!”

Now for some fantasy with a ph, as in phantasmagorical, by which I mean fantasy with a darker vibe. Having said that, Tokyo Ghoul is probably more straight out gothic horror, to be honest (it’s MA15+ for a reason) – I just wanted to use the word “phantasmagorical”:

Black Butler – Book of murder

Tokyo Ghoul:
Complete season 1

Tokyo Ghoul:
Complete season 2

And … my personal choice of this broadly themed group, Noragami (season 1). I do enjoy a fantasy/supernatural anime series that draws inspiration from traditional Japanese belief systems/mythologies:

Noragami : series collection.

“Yato may just be a minor god now, but he’s determined to make it big and he’s got a plan. Unfortunately, things just don’t seem to be going his way. He doesn’t have a single shrine dedicated to him, his partner has just quit, and now he’s got to find a new divine weapon. Just when things look bleak, he meets a girl named Hiyori and changes her life forever.”


And lastly, a title that is based on a long running, and some would say infamous, manga of the same name: Berserk.

To say it’s a dark fantasy title is something of an understatement – sure, there is lots of strong, graphic, bloody violence but it’s the added layers of dark and challenging themes and storylines that leave a lingering pschological impression. So, unless overexposure to shows like Game of Thrones has left you emotionally detached (and a little dead inside), you might find this title a wee bit … ah, depressing.

Berserk. The golden age arc. [dvd] Movie collection

If you are familiar with the previous anime adaptation of Berserk, the 25-episode TV series (of the same name) from 1997, The Golden Age Arc is an updated trilogy of films which covers that same storyline territory. The third film, however, marks the first time anything based on the manga has been animated beyond that point.


What I’m watching … this space!

Instead of mentioning what I’m currently watching I’d like to inform you all of a new event we are excited to be launching this July. We’ve dubbed it “Anime Arvo”, a 2 hour session in which we will screen the first episodes of 4 awesome anime titles! I know, right! I’ll leave the titles a mystery for now, but the details have been set:

Anime Arvo @Success Library
Thursday 6th July, 2017
2 – 4 pm.

Do please keep in mind that while we wish to welcome all anime fans to the event, the first two titles are rated PG, the final two are rated M, so we will be enforcing a strict “no-one under 12” policy – and we expect parents to decide if the shows are suitable for their children when the titles are anounced.

More details will be coming to the library blog pages soon, so watch this space!