Cats are notoriously independent. We often see videos of people wanting to snuggle their furry babies and them wanting nothing to do with it. It’s a fact, cats have their own mind. This is why we feel so blessed when they decide to love us and give us affection.

In A street cat named Bob, we discover an extraordinary and unlikely friendship. A true story, it first came out in a biography before making it to the big screen. Prepare to be humbled and amazed, this movie is not to be missed.

Why would a street cat decide to bond with an addict?

James Bowen is a drug addict. He has tried to get clean before but being homeless doesn’t help and having no support system in place is definitely an obstacle. As a last attempt and after a life-threatening incident, his support worker finally decides to get him a flat and prescribes Methadone to help with his recovery.

Barely making ends meet, busking the streets of London, James struggles until one day he meets a stray ginger cat he names Bob. Bob is special. He refuses to stay home and would rather stay on James’ shoulders. They quickly become a phenomenon.

Of course, nothing is ever that easy and there will be tremendous problems to overcome. Will they overcome them together? Will Bob stay with James? Watch the movie or read the book and find out.

Bob is a true actor.

Bob: Meow.

The ginger cat in this movie (Bob) is purrr-fect and he is definitely the star but there are other very important issues raised as well. Addiction and the realities of street-life is not something often talked about. A street cat named Bob, brings about these issues in a heartwarming way. It is not confronting, it is simply realistic and honest.

I believe that even if you are not a fan of cats, you will love this movie. I mean, Bob adopted a human and saved his life. That’s really something to see.

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