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A new perspective on a beloved story: Midnight Sun

A new perspective on a beloved story: Midnight Sun

“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…” he murmured. I looked away, hiding my eyes as I thrilled to the word.
“What a stupid lamb,” I sighed.
“What a sick, masochistic lion.”

Stephenie Meyer, Twilight

We picked teams even though, in my opinion, if you actually read the books there are no teams (Jacob never was in the running). We dreamt of being a Cullen. We spent years enthralled in this captivating world.

Yes, we all know the story of the human who fell in love with a vampire. We’ve been in Bella’s mind. But what about Edward? There are two sides to every story after all. In Midnight sun, we have the opportunity to relive this tale from a different perspective and all I can say is: more please!

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Love so strong, you cannot resist it

Edward is a vampire… in high school. Indeed, to be able to stay in one place for as long as possible his family and he, the Cullens, always pretend to be very young when they move to a new town. Every day is tedious for having attended the same classes again and again for a century. When Bella moves into town, everyone is excited. It is not every day that Forks gets new comers, but Edward couldn’t care less. That is until he meets her.

“Her existence alone was excuse enough to justify the creation of the entire world.”

Stephenie Meyer

Her scent was so strong, so appealing to him that he had to use all his willpower not to kill her and every student in the classroom on that first encounter. And her mind is blank to him.

What is happening? From hate to love so passionate it consumes everything in its path, be prepared to witness an amazing story that is only beginning.

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A perspective I wasn’t expecting

There are two things that surprised me when reading this book. Maybe I’ve just forgotten (I haven’t read the series for a good 10 years) so forgive me if I step on toes.

First, I could not believe the self-loathing. I mean, I understand his point of view but it gets a little bit annoying. It is present on almost every page and it becomes repetitive. The hate is unbearable sometimes. Midnight Sun is therefore darker and longer than expected. Don’t get me wrong, I still very much enjoyed it and I definitely would like Stephenie Meyer to write the whole saga from Edward’s perspective. However, that is more because of the second thing I wasn’t expecting.

Though I hated her, I was absolutely aware that my hatred was unjust. I knew that what I really hated was myself. And I would hate us both so much more when she was dead.

Stephenie Meyer, Midnight Sun

Indeed, I was then really surprised about the depth of his love and the reasons behind it. Reading Midnight Sun was a delight because I understand the whole story now. Edward’s passion makes sense as well as the inevitability of it. He studied her and knows her. It is not a fling.

From what I’ve read, Meyer will write more books but probably not from Edwards’ perspective though and not nearly soon enough. We’re going to have to wait.

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Hi, my name is Jen and I work at the Spearwood Public Library. I help with the Home Library Service and take care of the new items that come in. I love movies so if you need help choosing one don't hesitate to come and ask me.

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