The 50 most borrowed DVDs of 2011.  Taking a break from the books, here are the most popular movies and TV series for last year. The top two movies were Toy story 3 & Avatar , and coming in third was The wild, which to me at least, was a bit of a surprise. The wild is a Disney animated movie about a lion called Ryan, and was released on DVD in 2007, making it one of the oldest  ttitles on the list.  Bran nue dae , the highest ranked Australian movie, just missed out on the top 10, coming in at 11

  1. Toy story 3 [dvd]
  2. Avatar [dvd]
  3. The wild [dvd]
  4. Fantastic Mr. Fox [dvd]
  5. The road [dvd]
  6. Iron man 2 [dvd]
  7. The girl with the dragon tattoo [dvd] : part 1 of the Millennium trilogy
  8. Precious [dvd]
  9. Slumdog millionaire [dvd]     
  10. Alice in wonderland [dvd]       …
  11. Bran nue dae [dvd]
  12. The men who stare at goats [dvd]
  13. The king’s speech [dvd]
  14. George of the jungle. Volume 2 [dvd]
  15. Gran Torino [dvd]
  16. Twilight [dvd]
  17. The duchess [dvd]
  18. Animal kingdom [dvd] : a crime story
  19. True blood. The complete first season [dvd]
  20. The social network [dvd]
  21. It’s party time! [dvd]
  22. Inglourious basterds [dvd]
  23. Just like heaven [dvd]
  24. The hurt locker [dvd]
  25. Mao’s last dancer [dvd]
  26. Scooby’s all star laff-a-lympics. Volume 1 [dvd]
  27. Lunar Jim. The big sneeze mystery [dvd]
  28. The lovely bones [dvd]
  29. Transformers [dvd]
  30. Pride and prejudice [dvd]
  31. Bratz. Glitz ‘n’ glamour [dvd]
  32. Barbie in a mermaid tale [dvd]
  33. Notes on a scandal [dvd]
  34. Bratz pampered petz [dvd] : a rescue adventure!
  35. Dora the explorer. Dora’s big birthday adventure [dvd]
  36. Lego. The adventures of Clutch Powers [dvd]
  37. Marmaduke [dvd]
  38. The missing lynx [dvd]
  39. Atonement [dvd]
  40. The boy in the striped pyjamas [dvd]
  41. Charlie and Lola. Ten [dvd]
  42. Strawberry Shortcake. The berryfest princess [dvd]
  43. The white ribbon [dvd]
  44. Marley & me [dvd]
  45. The lord of the rings. The return of the king [dvd]
  46. Angelina Ballerina. The next steps, Just dance [dvd]
  47. Go Diego go!. Rainforest fiesta! [dvd]
  48. The reader [dvd]
  49. Camp Rock 2 [dvd] : the final jam
  50. Dora the explorer’s Christmas carol adventure [dvd]
  51. Little Einsteins. Go to America [dvd]
  52. The Wiggles. Let’s eat! [dvd]
  53. Wow! wow! Wubbzy!. Happy holidays [dvd]

49-53 were all borrowed the same number of times, so that is why there are 53 titles in the ‘top 50’.