1. MUNCHIES – A Vice food channel.

If you hate microwave dinners but love truffles, butter and having fun while eating, this channel is for you. Munchies have a few different types of mini-series with chefs heading out to eat at their favourite restaurants. One of the short doco channels has food based travel shows in Canada, Russia, Scotland, How to channels and the most amazing new styles of food going around! This channel is edgy, up to date and makes you want to eat everything you love! Beware though; this channel does have swearing and NSFW themes.

  1. TED – Ideas worth spreading.

TED talks are becoming more and more popular in so many different subjects. From sustainability and environmental subjects to tech and innovation, minds are being challenged, concepts and paradigms shifted. TED has talks from business leaders like Bill Gates, to leaders in environmental change and even an impassioned speech by Monika Lewinsky- who is remarkably refreshing in her talk about cyber bullying. Many of the concepts spoken about have made critical changes in the world we know. Maybe a TED talk will change the way you see something?

  1. Nicko’s Kitchen – One of the world’s largest cooking channels.

A Perth man who has a real passion for cooking! Nicko’s strength lies in showing home cooks how to make popular fast food for their families. Each video shows step by step instructions (and variations) of popular menu items such as KFC’s Double down, his deep fried ice cream and home made Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts!

  1. Monkeysee.com – Watch. Learn. Discover

Monkeysee.com is the ultimate ‘how to’ channel! With YouTube being the second biggest search engine online, Monkeysee.com receives millions of hits on its very basic teaching videos. It is the ideal place to learn new skills or find out answers to pesky questions that you have about gardening, education, household problems or everyday solutions. Staff at the library has even used it to fix their cars!

  1. Marques Brownlee – Techepenaur

Do you love tech? Do you want to know all about the Apple Watch? Marques Brownlee breaks down new tech companies and new tech offerings. Comparisons between competing companies are popular videos – they show incredible details that big tech companies won’t mention! Brownlee gives his honest opinion on what is good and what is great! Subscribe to his channel to get advice on your next tech purchase!

Let me know what one you like and if you have a suggestion of your own for my next top 5 blog!