After a successful post last year about YouTube, this year I have compiled ‘The Best How To Channels on YouTube’. These channels have been selected to help you in everyday life and on those special occasions where the correct research counts.

Please feel free to comment below with any channels that you think could be added to this list.

1. Peaceful Cuisine 

290 videos – 798,546 subscribers

Peaceful Cuisine is no regular cooking channel. All cooking videos on this channel are demonstrated without talking. Some have music, but the best ones, under the sub channel ‘ ASMR –No Music Videos-’ have no sound, they instead have the specific sounds of the chef’s actions. During the below video, the chef makes Kim Chee – a very on trend ingredient at the moment. The sounds of the textured Napa cabbage being cut, stirred and rubbed creates a connection between the viewer and the chef as if he was right in front of you.

Be sure to view other videos in the channel, and make sure you have your sound turned on.

2. ChrisFix

285 videos – 1,720,553 subscribers

The ChrisFix channel has many in-depth videos showing the in’s and out’s of expensive repairs and maintenance that cars need from time to time. One video with over a million views is ‘How to check a used car Before Buying’. Other video subjects are How to stop your breaks from squeaking, How to replace windshield wipers on your car and How to restore your headlights. Many car purchases are made every day through car yards or Gumtree, don’t head out to purchase a car before you check out a few videos from this channel.

3. Draw with Jazza 

652 videos – 1,046,544 subscribers

Many people think drawing and artistic performance is determined from birth. Draw with Jazza will redefine those boundaries. Jazza has hundreds of instructional videos on different drawing subjects and guidance in many different styles of art including animation, anime, online tools and replicating some of your favourite childhood characters.


888 videos – 4,245,559 subscribers

Marques Brownlee maybe a familiar name to you – I mentioned him in my last YouTube blog post. The reason he is included in this blog is due to his huge array of tech review videos. These are not ‘How to’ videos, but extensive reviews. Marques reviews so many gadgets, it will give you a good guide to what device will suit you when you are ready to purchase yourself.

For example, Marques’ review of the DJI Mavic Pro – what a machine! The drone is such a small package o fly and record crystal clear footage from 400m in the air, navigated all from your mobile phone. Marques’ other amazing videos include in depth reviews of Apple air pods, why some smart phones have a duel camera system and even reviews of Tesla cars and the accompanying app.

5. Cake Style 

164 videos – 593, 831 subscribers

Cake Style is an up and coming channel, focused on viewers who love impressing friends or birthday party guests with amazing creations made from butter, flower and sugar.

Whether you like Peppa Pig, My Little Pony or Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon, you will find a method to building an amazing and tasty cake. Make sure to check out the channel well before your event to gather the props and ingredients for these amazing creations!