Sequels for the sake of sequels seems to be the norm right now. Why write one really good book when you can 4-5 mediocre popular novels that sell.

If you’re like me and lament this great injustice to all readers, join me in expressing to all authors that they should not try and compete with JK Rowling’s seven books to a series. One good book will do!

Fortunately for us library users, there’s a much larger selection at the library to choose from (and if you didn’t luurve it, at least it was free). Here’s a few of my personal favourites from the YA collection:

I love historical fiction and as such, can’t ask for much more than some Elizabethan London scenes (right from Her Majesty’s own bedroom), and the survival of a lost colony in the New World. Complete with private letters dated back to the 17th Century. Cate, the jealous Queen Elizabeth’s ladies maid, even spends a few nights in the Tower of London (jealous!), before being shipped off to the New World.

The Shamer’s Signet 
This one’s definitely for all the fantasy lovers. Magic, unique powers and a reluctant heroine make for a satisfying adventure. This story follows Dana, who has a unique power inherited from her mother; the ability to make people ashamed of themselves. People everywhere despise, but would love to use their powers nonetheless. And don’t forget to look at the author’s note, an interesting source of inspiration for a super power 
And Lastly: 
Even when I read Frankenstein today, alone, at night, I still get shivers down my spine, jumping at every sound I hear outside my bed. So when I found out that this was a proposed prequel to that great book, I had to read it! Luckily, the library had a copy. What I really love about this book is the very strong links they make with alchemy & the superstitious, and the very beginnings of modern medicine and other sciences. It’s amazing how the author balances the characters and their intricate relationships. Give this one a whirl if you enjoy a good story with a touch of fantasy and coming of age themes.