16 Days in WA campaign to Stop Violence Against Women

25 November -10 December 

Don’t be silent when you see violence.

  • Speak up and contribute to positive change towards the safety and respect of women in our community.
  • Violence against anyone is unacceptable and we all have a responsibility to help stop the violence.
  • Stopping violence against women means promoting equality and respectful relationships, violence-free spaces and safer communities.
  • Breaking the cycle of family and domestic violence starts with respect for women.
  • Everyone has a part to play by calling out disrespectful behaviour in all areas of life.
  • Family and domestic violence is also the leading cause of homelessness for women and children and a significant factor impacting health, inclusion and participation for people with disability.
  • Family and domestic violence is experienced at disproportionately high rates by Aboriginal women, culturally and linguistically diverse women and children, people with disability and people who identify as LGBTIQ+.
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