Personal stories always seem to touch the heart and this was the case when Success library hosted the 10th Light Horse Exhibition in March.  Being presented with photos of the soldiers who fought was sobering for many, the kids were enthralled to see a life size horse & fully kitted out soldier – who was geared up as they were in the Palestine/Sinai campaign in WW1.

We were asked for details on where to buy a horse similar to the one on display (they were also mounting an exhibition), photographs were sent in to add to the panels, we had visits from a local 1oth Light Horse Museum, and had an offer of an original bayonet to put into the empty soldier’s holster (we declined that offer), along with many comments of thanks and appreciation.

For staff though, the most touching aspect turned out to be 3 families finding photographs of relatives they had never seen before.

Sgt RJ Moore

No.138 Sgt RJ Moore from Claremont “A” Sqn. Enl 5/12/14 KIA 7/8/15 The Nek.

Sgt Moore was the client’s great grandmother’s brother & a relative was going over to Gallipoli this year – this photo was a very poignant find.

J Dickerson

No. 392 J Dickerson Fr. Gingin “C” Sqn. Enl 19/10/14 D@Sea 30/8/15.

Mr Dickerson was the great great uncle of the client, and she had heard many stories about this brave soldier who had died at sea. With tears, she explained it was heartening to be able to finally put a face to the family memories.

J Brown

No. 856 J Brown Fr. Quairading 4th Rfts Enl 9/1/15 Dow 1/6/15 Quinns Post.

Known as great Uncle Jack, family members had been searching for years to find a photograph, and this was the first time they had seen his face – they were thrilled.

Thank you to the Azelia Ley Homestead Museum for arranging the exhibition & to Phil Sullivan for his dedication in enlightening so many people in WA.