The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was the most borrowed DVD from Cockburn Libraries in 2016.  

There were nearly 140,000 DVD loans in 2016, with the Top 100 making up 7% of those loans.  The second best exotic Marigold Hotel beat out last year’s #1, Gone girl, to be the most borrowed DVD of 2016. The dressmaker at #6 is the highest placed Australian movie in the list with Mad Max. Fury road also in the Top 10 at #8. The fifth season of Downton Abbey is the highest placed TV show, but Game of  Thrones was the most popular television series with four of its six seasons in the Top 100. 

The second best exotic marigold hotel - dvd cover

#1 for 2016

The dressmaker dvd

Highest Australian DVD at #6

Top 10 – Most borrowed DVDs of 2016

  1. The second best exotic Marigold Hotel. [dvd]
  2. Gone girl. [dvd]
  3. American sniper. [dvd]
  4. Interstellar. [dvd]
  5. The theory of everything. [dvd]
  6. The dressmaker [dvd]
  7. Frozen. [dvd]
  8. Mad Max. Fury road. [dvd]
  9. The imitation game. [dvd]
  10. The master [dvd]

11-50 – Most borrowed DVDs of 2016

  1. Downton Abbey. Season five. [dvd]
  2. Unbroken. [dvd]
  3. Paddington. [dvd]
  4. Kingsman : the secret service. [dvd]
  5. Terminator genisys. [dvd]
  6. Orange is the new black. [dvd] Season two
  7. Ex_machina. [dvd]
  8. Game of thrones [dvd] : The complete fourth season
  9. The homesman [dvd]
  10. Chappie. [dvd]
  11. Fifty shades of Grey. [dvd]
  12. Birdman : or (The unexpected virtue of ignorance) [dvd]
  13. Silver linings playbook [dvd]
  14. Third person. [dvd]
  15. Son of a gun. [dvd]
  16. Boyhood. [dvd]
  17. Last cab to Darwin. [dvd]
  18. Game of thrones. The complete fifth season. [dvd]
  19. Woman in gold. [dvd]
  20. Into the woods. [dvd]
  21. Spy [dvd]
  22. Fury. [dvd]
  23. Mulan II : the legend continues. [dvd]
  24. Exodus : gods and kings. [dvd]
  25. Pitch perfect 2. [dvd]
  26. A most violent year. [dvd]
  27. St. Vincent. [dvd]
  28. The Martian [dvd]
  29. Pompeii. [dvd]
  30. The Great Gatsby [dvd]
  31. Paper planes. [dvd]
  32. Foxcatcher. [dvd]
  33. The hunger games. Mockingjay part 2. [dvd]
  34. Avengers : age of Ultron. [dvd]
  35. Selma. [dvd]
  36. The hunger games. Catching fire. [dvd]
  37. The intern [dvd]
  38. Tomorrowland. [dvd]
  39. Sicario. [dvd]
  40. Gravity. [dvd]
box of popcorn - because watching DVDs

140 000 DVDs to watch requires a lot of popcorn!          Image by dbreen – CC0 public domain

51-100 – Most borrowed DVDs of 2016

  1. Trainwreck [dvd]
  2. Big eyes. [dvd]
  3. Still Alice. [dvd]
  4. The intouchables [dvd]
  5. Jupiter ascending. [dvd]
  6. The hunger games. Mockingjay. Part 1. [dvd]
  7. The water diviner. [dvd]
  8. Peppa Pig. The balloon ride. [dvd]
  9. August : Osage County. [dvd]
  10. Focus. [dvd]
  11. The gambler. [dvd]
  12. The walking dead. The complete fifth season. [dvd]
  13. Star wars. The force awakens. [dvd]
  14. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [dvd]
  15. Jurassic world. [dvd]
  16. Spectre. [dvd]
  17. The Grand Budapest Hotel. [dvd]
  18. Tinker tailor soldier spy [dvd]
  19. The hobbit. The battle of the five armies. [dvd]
  20. Whiplash. [dvd]
  21. Killing them softly. [dvd]
  22. Outlander. [dvd] Season one, volume one
  23. Penny dreadful [dvd]. The complete first season
  24. Harry Potter and the goblet of fire [dvd]
  25. Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone [dvd]
  26. Koala kid [dvd]
  27. Game of thrones. The complete first season [dvd]
  28. American hustle. [dvd]
  29. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, part 1 [dvd]
  30. Saving Mr. Banks. [dvd]
  31. The monuments men. [dvd]
  32. Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban [dvd]
  33. The Sapphires [dvd]
  34. Minions. [dvd]
  35. Ant-Man. [dvd]
  36. Kidnapping Mr. Heineken [dvd]
  37. Philomena. [dvd]
  38. Pixels. [dvd]
  39. My little pony, friendship is magic [dvd]. The crystal empire
  40. My little pony, friendship is magic. It ain’t easy being Breezies. [dvd]
  41. Lucy [dvd]
  42. Everest [dvd]
  43. Inside out [dvd]
  44. Orange is the new black [dvd]. Season one
  45. House of cards. The complete third season. [dvd]
  46. Prometheus [dvd]
  47. Transcendence. [dvd]
  48. The Little Mermaid [dvd] : Ariel’s beginning
  49. Tinker Bell and the legend of the NeverBeast. [dvd]
  50. Game of thrones. The complete second season. [dvd]

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