Silver linings playbook , starring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Australia’s own Jacki Weaver, was our most borrowed DVD of 2014, just beating the P.T. Anderson directed film The master . The third most borrowed DVD was the crowd pleasing, French language movie,  The intouchables.

Game of Thrones was by far the most popular TV series, with Season 3 and Season 2 both finishing in the Top 10, and the first season at #18. Season 4 is not due out on DVD until next month, but it already has 8 reservations on it. Breaking Bad was the next best adult TV series, with Parts 1 and 2 of the final season appearing at #31 and #40 respectively, but the more family friendly LEGO Ninjago. Masters of spinjitzu (Season 2 volume 2) appears higher up the list at #24, so second most popular TV show goes to LEGO Ninjago. (For fans of LEGO and Breaking Bad you might want to get the (unofficial) Breaking Bad LEGO set.)

Top 5 DVDs of 2014

Movies with faces on the covers seem to do pretty well

So let us know how many of the Top 100 DVDs you’ve watched and which are your favourites.

  1. Silver linings playbook [dvd]
  2. The master [dvd]
  3. The intouchables [dvd]
  4. Gravity. [dvd]
  5. Game of thrones. The complete third season. [dvd]
  6. Argo. [dvd]
  7. Red Dog [dvd]
  8. The Sapphires [dvd]
  9. The Great Gatsby [dvd]
  10. Game of thrones [dvd]. The complete second season
  11. The best exotic Marigold Hotel [dvd]
  12. The help [dvd]
  13. War horse [dvd]
  14. Puss in boots [dvd]
  15. Django unchained. [dvd]
  16. Jane Eyre [dvd]
  17. Black swan [dvd]
  18. Game of thrones. The complete first season [dvd]
  19. Koala kid [dvd]
  20. Cosmopolis [dvd]
  21. Tinker tailor soldier spy [dvd]
  22. Anna Karenina [dvd]
  23. The hobbit [dvd] : an unexpected journey
  24. LEGO Ninjago. Masters of spinjitzu. Season two, Volume two [dvd]
  25. The hunter [dvd]
  26. Lego friends [dvd]. New girl in town
  27. The perks of being a wallflower [dvd]
  28. Zero dark thirty. [dvd]
  29. The avengers [dvd]
  30. The hunger games. Catching fire. [dvd]
  31. Breaking bad. The fifth season [part 1]. [dvd]
  32. Oranges and sunshine [dvd]
  33. Life of Pi [dvd]
  34. Mister Maker comes to town [dvd]. Making in motion
  35. The girl who kicked the hornet’s nest [dvd]
  36. Captain Phillips. [dvd]
  37. Breaking dawn. Part 2 [dvd]
  38. Lincoln [dvd]
  39. Dora the explorer’s Christmas carol adventure [dvd]
  40. Breaking bad. The final season [aka The fifth season, part 2] [dvd]
  41. Madagascar. 3 [dvd] : Europe’s most wanted
  42. The vow [dvd]
  43. Diary of a wimpy kid. 2 [dvd] : Rodrick rules
  44. Now you see me. [dvd]
  45. Barbie. Princess charm school [dvd]
  46. Mrs. Brown’s boys. Season three. [dvd]
  47. LEGO Ninjago. Masters of spinjitzu. Season two, Volume one [dvd]
  48. Percy Jackson [dvd] : Sea of monsters
  49. Moneyball [dvd]
  50. Elysium [dvd]


  1. Notes on a scandal [dvd]
  2. Behind the candelabra. [dvd]
  3. The men who stare at goats [dvd]
  4. Happy feet two [dvd]
  5. Shrek’s thrilling tales [dvd]
  6. Jack Reacher [dvd]
  7. Man of steel [dvd]
  8. Parental guidance [dvd]
  9. Savages [dvd]
  10. The king’s speech [dvd]
  11. Iron man 3 [dvd]
  12. Les misérables [dvd] : the musical phenomenon
  13. The boy in the striped pyjamas [dvd]
  14. Bambi 2 [dvd]
  15. Hotel Transylvania [dvd]
  16. My little pony, friendship is magic. That’s what friends are for [dvd]
  17. Cloudstreet [dvd]
  18. Cowboys & aliens [dvd]
  19. My week with Marilyn [dvd]
  20. Bambi [dvd]
  21. Mister Maker comes to town [dvd]. Out and about
  22. Blue Jasmine. [dvd]
  23. Breaking dawn. Part 1 [dvd]
  24. Prometheus [dvd]
  25. The artist [dvd]
  26. Horrible histories. Series 4 [dvd]
  27. Rango [dvd]
  28. Arbitrage [dvd]
  29. Hannibal. Season 1
  30. The place beyond the pines [dvd]
  31. The promise [dvd]
  32. The walking dead. The complete third season. [dvd]
  33. Call the midwife. Series two [dvd]
  34. Clash of the titans [dvd]
  35. Drift [dvd]
  36. Fantastic Mr. Fox [dvd]
  37. Peter Pan [dvd] ; also including Peter Pan in Return to Never Land
  38. Mister Maker. Let’s try something [dvd]
  39. Octonauts. Jumpin’ jellyfish! [dvd]
  40. The duchess [dvd]
  41. The Lorax [dvd]
  42. Animal kingdom [dvd] : a crime story
  43. The fall [dvd]
  44. Wish you were here [dvd]
  45. I don’t know how she does it [dvd]
  46. Mabo [dvd]
  47. The descendants [dvd]
  48. The mortal instruments : city of bones. [dvd]
  49. Ice age 4. Continental drift [dvd]
  50. Mister Maker. Now that’s an idea! [dvd]