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New York Doll (DVD)

New York Doll is a documentary about the reformation of seminal punk/glam rock pioneers The New York Dolls. New York Doll centres on the life of born again Mormon and recovering alcoholic Arthur “Killer” Kane. Although rock and roll is the film’s core, it’s the broken friendship of our hero, Kane, and enigmatic frontman David Johansen that drives the film along. The two former bandmates have not spoken a word for 30 years and no one really knows how they will react to each other once they are in the same room together. Kane’s rock and roll lifestyle is long...

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The Devil's Music – Chester Burnett aka Howlin' Wolf

When Chester Burnett aka Howlin’ Wolf,  finally made his mark in music, he returned home to his mother and offered to look after her and to give her money. His mother refused as any money he had earned belonged to the Devil as he was playing the Devil’s music. Thank God! There are few things as hauntingly beautiful and full of emotion as the voice of Howlin’ Wolf. A giant of a man in both stature and sound, The Wolf played a raw brand of Chicago blues with his band that featured the hugely influential guitarist Hubert Sumlin. I...

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The Tracker (DVD)

Set in outback Australia in 1922, this film tells the story of three white men who use an indigenous tracker to pursue a fugitive. For my money this is David Gulpilil’s greatest performance (and that’s saying something) his masterful acting shines through in this minimalistic tale. The movie has a very small cast but each of them play their roles brilliantly. The film is brutal in many ways and the violence is often portrayed with the use of paintings as opposed to acted scenes. It works to great effect and really strikes a chord. Gary Sweet is brilliant as...

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Charles Bukowski – Notes of a dirty old man

In a sanitised world full of political correctness and sacchrine-coated art without soul or worth, Charles Bukowski shines like a beacon as a poet, author and the drunken, womanising, hellraising saviour of free speech.   Bukowski writes with humour and an agonising reality that sets him apart from all writer’s before and since. A joy to read. Find Notes of a dirty old man in our catalogue. Check out the other Charles Bukowski items we have in our...

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