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Spearwood LEGO Club – June 2014

We had our last LEGO Club for term two on Friday at Spearwood. We didn’t have a large group but we did have an imaginative crowd. Here are some of the things created during our last session.   Even our friendly neighbourhood YPS Librarian Jessica got involved and made her own boat.   Join up at our next meeting. Wednesday, July 2nd at Coolbellup Library at...

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Spearwood LEGO Club – May 2014

We had another exceptional Spearwood LEGO Club on May 30 here at the library. Here are the amazing creations that the children came up with. Come and join us at our next round of LEGO Club meetings. Spearwood Library on Friday, 27 June at 3:45pm Coolbellup Library on Wednesday, 2 July at...

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Storytime With Jessica – Food, Glorious Food

I’m back with another Storytime blog post this week as we enter the second half of second term. The school holidays are coming towards us again and we have some activities, books and rhymes you can use to keep everyone entertained when there is no school for two weeks. This week I am writing about the Yummy in my Tummy theme we have here at the library. That means food, glorious food. I am going to talk about two excellent books that we all love and one new craft…is it a craft if it involves playing with our food?...

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Coolbellup LEGO Club – May 2014

On Wednesday, 7th May lots of children escaped the rain to come to Coolbellup LEGO Club. Apart from being a heap of fun, LEGO is great for hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, abstract to concrete planning (they have an idea that they then have to turn into something that can be seen or touched), and a great excuse to get them talking to other people. At all of our LEGO meetings we have some children who start off a little timid but once they have LEGO in their hands they will talk to the children from other schools, discuss...

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Imaginative Craft

Sometimes at a Storytime session we like to put out a range of materials and ask the children to create something without the structure of an example or a template. Today, for our Dragon kit at Coolbellup Library Storytime children were given a range of items. And after reading Hunting for Dragons by Bruce Whatley. Which is a great book allowing children to use their imaginations to spot dragons made from a range of items such as pine cones and gum nuts. The main character spends the book looking for dragons around every corner. And then she finds a...

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