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Sustainable September and solar panels @ Spearwood Library

It’s been a year since our launch of Spearwood Library’s photovoltaic panels (solar panels) and what a success story! The green energy report from Spearwood library indicates that the Solar PV panels produced 12,621 kWh (units) of green energy over the past year (this is enough to power 2 typical WA households for a year) and has prevented approx 11 tonnes of Carbon from entering the atmosphere. Yay us!!! All these stats are courtesy of the very clever City of Cockburn’s Environmental Management team. They have also provided the library with the displays and brochures. Want more information about...

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Sustainable September @ Spearwood Library

Spring has Sprung! The perfect time of the year to remind everyone how important it is to live harmoniously with the environment. There are so many ways that we can contribute, but the best way to find out how is to drop in to Spearwood Library this month and have a look through the displays, books and pamphlets. Learn about solar power, or grab one of our green clean books that have some great recipes for cleaning products that don’t hurt the environment and are dirt cheap. “Bicarbonate of soda: The Complete Practical Handbook” by Diane and Jon Sutherland,...

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A Rewarding Journey

Cockburn Libraries is delighted to have been presented with a signed copy of Mr Michael Meerwald’s autobiography, A Rewarding Journey. He was encouraged by his family to write the book so that they and his descendants would have a record of the details of his most fascinating, eventful and sometimes challenging life. Mr Meerwald lived in Cockburn for a substantial part of his life and was for eighteen years intimately involved in running Granary House in Coolbellup. He was City of Cockburn Citizen of the Year in 2000 for his service to the community and in 2002 received the...

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I Vote For my Library

Public Libraries are Struggling on 2001/02 Funding In its 2009/10 budget the State Government cut its share of funding of public libraries by 40%, back to the level of 2001/02. This was done in the face of a 16% increase in the state’s population and an almost 90% increase in State revenue. Support the movement to turn this situation around so that public libraries can continue to do their job. Details, postcards and bumper stickers are available at any Cockburn Library and at just about any other public...

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