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Pram Jam with Beth – Babies in the Bush

photo credit:  Natalie Roberts, Woven Wraps Australia Camping!  Have you ever been tempted to throw the kids and supplies in the car and head out of the city, even just for a couple of nights?  I can’t encourage you enough, it’s such a great opportunity to reconnect with nature and family without the distractions of technology and everyday routine. Or, if the thought of roughing it doesn’t sound quite like your cup of tea, the Perth hills are the perfect place to try bushwalking or short hikes 😀 Pop baby up in a babycarrier and see how far you can...

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Pram Jam with Beth – More Protective Behaviours

We hosted the wonderful (and growing!)  Protective Behaviours collection at Coolbellup Library through the month of February, and the display generated so much discussion both online and at our sessions in the library that I thought I would touch quickly on introducing some of the principles of protective behaviour to our youngest family members.  This can seem like a difficult undertaking, as many of the specific protective behaviours books are aimed at slightly older children. However with a bit of thought we can start explaining to our babies the names of different parts of their bodies and who they...

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Pram Jam with Beth – Summer Days

Arrghh, it’s hot this week. My baby is teething, and between his lack of sleep, school holidays, and this heat, I am struggling. The words are not flowing and the cogs in my brain are barely moving, but, it’s Pram Jam blog day and my turn to write, so here goes! What are you favourite indoor activities with your baby? We try to have a few standby ‘too hot for outside’ activities up our sleeves, because there’s only so many library visits and shopping centre trips that one family can handle over the summer holidays 😉 My older boys...

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Pram Jam with Beth – Repetition

Hi all,  I am Beth and I present the weekly Pram Jam rhyme session at Coolbellup Library on Mondays during school terms, 10.00am < a little plug! (and a late edit for a recent change – Beth, Feb 2015) Today I am focussing on the importance of repetition when singing and reading with our babies, and why, though it may seem strange to us – especially knowing how many books and songs we can choose from – repeating the same song or book again and again is necessary, reassuring and comforting to our little ones. In our house we...

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