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Pram Jam with David

Hi and welcome to my second Pram Jam blog post. Speaking of seconds, or ‘number twos’, why don’t we talk about potty training this week? This can be a challenging (and embarrassing) time for both parent and child and is best dealt with openly and honestly – and with a good sprinkling of loving patience and humour. While the majority of our regular Pram Jammers might be too young just yet, most people agree that this stage of development occurs roughly between 1 – 3 years of age; so this is the perfect time to start a dialogue about our bodies and the amazing things they can poo … I mean do!...

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Pram Jam With David

Hi and welcome to my first Pram Jam post. As our regular attendees will know, each Pram Jam session is packed full of fun and engaging rhymes; from familiar classics, to rhymes with movement and actions, to rhymes that end with a tickle and a giggle!For today’s blog post I would like to share a few of what we might call touch and tickle rhymes. These are great fun for all ages and physically reinforce the special bond between parent and child. “Round and round the garden …” Round and round the garden,            like a teddy bear,swirl your...

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