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Calabrese Olives: The End!

Well until next year, when we do it all over again! What a change since we started. After draining the olives in a colander & pressing out as much water as we could, we added dried fennel, oregano, chilli flakes and garlic salt. Have a look at the first blog for other tasty ways to spice the olives – It’s Olive Picking Time: do you need inspiration? The Olives were packed tightly into sterilized jars and covered with Olive Oil. Celebration time now, with some crusty bread and a nice glass of...

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Calabrese Olives: Day 8

Check out the Olives on day 8! They are not as pretty, but are getting closer to being tasty!   The bright green has turned a patchy brown-green, and this is what should be happening! Keep changing the water every day or every second day – still adding salt.   We had a taste of the olives and added more salt and will continue to soak them for a few more days. Expect the olives to turn a darker brown.   See previous olive post: It’s Olive Picking Time: Do You Need Some...

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It's Olive Picking Time: Do You Need Some Inspiration?

Follow along for the next 10-12 days as we process green olives the Calabrese way!     The olives are split to allow the bitterness to leach out and marinades & flavourings in.       Our secret weapon is the Italian member of staff overseeing the process.  The olives are rinsed and individually split – in our case with the side of a meat mallet. We are leaving the pips in, but some bloggers split the olive and take the pip out – see below for links. As soon as they are split they are put into a container (non...

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Cancelled: Jamie Zimmerman Launch: The Promise

CANCELLED Event: Jamie Zimmerman Book Launch: The Promise. Wednesday 4 November 2015  6.30pm – 8pm @ Success Library. Although this event has been cancelled, Dymocks Garden City are still hosting a similar event by this Author. Visit the Dymocks Garden City Event Page for more information. Join Jamie for the launch of The Promise – hosted by Dymocks Garden City. As Sergeant Brett Wood prepared for a third tour of Afghanistan he made his fellow Commando Jamie Zimmermann promise to take care of his wife and personal affairs should the worst unfold. When the call came weeks later, it tore both men’s...

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