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Oh, Albert!- Children's Book Week Review

This book was nominated as Notable in the Picture Book of the Year 2017. Oh, Albert! / Davina Bell and Sara Acton I have a one year old Labrador and the author of this book, Davina Bell, must have peered into my house and written about my dog. In Oh, Albert, Albert is a dog who, when no one is around, can’t help but find something precious to eat, chew and destroy. His family get mad at every destroyed item, until one day, Albert eats something he shouldn’t! At the vets, the family realises they don’t really care about...

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Storytime With Briana- Music

We love music at Storytime! We clap our hands, stomp our feet, and use our voices to sing (sometimes as loud as we can!).  In this special Storytime, we had a ukulele accompany us for a few simple songs to take our music to a new level! Books       Animal Music / Julia Donaldson and Nick Sharratt This is a simple little book about animals getting together to play various instruments until it culminates in a harmonious multi-talented band! Julia Donaldson has her usual lovely rhymes, and Nick Sharratt delivers his usual bright, bold illustrations to create...

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Storytime with Briana – Birds

Birds are everywhere, and are a wonderful animal for children to learn about. Birds can be seen and heard every day, and can provide sensory experiences with their tickly, floating feathers and smooth, delicate eggs. Books Peck Peck Peck / Lucy Cousins A young woodpecker is taught how to peck a tree… but he doesn’t stop there! Pecking holes is too much fun, and young ones will have just as much fun following the holes that this little chap pecks into the pages. With the bright, bold illustrations and delightful rhyming prose of Lucy Cousins, this book is a real treat for story time.   Kip...

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Storytime with Briana – Bathtime

 Ah, bathtime as a toddler. When you’re out, you don’t want to get in, and when you’re in, you don’t want to get out! Reading books about an everyday event can be a great idea, as it gives children a chance to see their own world experiences reflected back to them. The kids at Storytime had a lot of fun telling me about their own bath times because it’s something they had all experienced. There are some really wonderful books about bath time out there that are sure to be enjoyed by kids and their parents. Books The Sea of Bath / Bob Logan A...

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