Located at Success Library

Cockburn Health and Community Facility / Success Library  offers two distinct community spaces for hire by business, government, professional and community groups to conduct events, seminars, workshops or meetings.

  • Conference room – (150 person capacity)
  • Community rooms – (50 person capacity)


The rooms are available for hire during these times:

  • Monday to Thursday – 8:30am – 6:45pm
  • Friday and Saturday – 8:30am – 4:30pm
  • The rooms are not available on Sundays or public holidays


Note that these facilities are not available for hiring for private parties or for conducting business activities.

Bookings can be requested by completing the Cockburn Health and Community Facility Application for Hire Form on the City of Cockburn website.

Please contact the Bookings Officer –  chcbookings@cockburn.wa.gov.au  or 08 9411 3828 – for all bookings enquiries or for more information.

For bookings of  all other City of Cockburn venues, please visit City of Cockburn Halls and Community centres.

Fees and charges:

Conference room (Including kitchen)

  • Hourly rate:  $100 per hour (max. 4 hours)
  • Full Day:  $700 (Max. 10 hours)

Community Rooms 1&2

  • Hourly rate: $50 per hour


Cockburn Health and Community Facility / Success Library
11 Wentworth Parade, Success  WA 6164, (corner of Beeliar Drive).

Success Library

11 Wentworth Parade, Success WA 6164, (corner of Beeliar Drive)

Equipment & Amenities Information

Conference Room and Community Rooms 1&2

20 folding tables and 170 chairs

Set up and Pack down must be completed by the hirer and must be included in your booking time.  We do not supply coffee, tea, milk, sugar or any other food –  it all must be provided by the hirer.

All hirers must complete a site visit and test technological equipment prior to their booking date.

Technological and Audio-Visual equipment

  • Projector, screens, speakers in each room
  • Laptop
  • HDMI Cord
  • Handheld Microphones (not available in Community Room)
  • Clicker for presentations

Amenities provided in the Community Rooms 1&2 (kitchen). Please note our kitchenware caters for up to 50 people

  • Urns (portable and stationary) and Carafes
  • Cutlery, cooking and serving utensils
  • Cups, saucers, plates and glasses
  • Mixing and serving bowls and platters
  • Filtered boiling water and cold water taps.
  • 2 fridges and 2 dishwashers, cooktops, ovens, microwaves.

Other information provided on request

Contact the Bookings Officer  – chcbookings@cockburn.wa.gov.au or 9411 3828 – if you would like more information about:

  • Catering Options
  • Public Transport & Parking Information
  • Disabled Access information

More photos of the rooms

Terms & Conditions of Hire
  1. Applications/Bookings

    • All applications must be on the official application form.
    • Applicants must be 18 years or over and able to produce a valid WA driver’s license, passport.
    • All bookings are to be confirmed in writing a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the booking date and up to 12 months in advance.
    • City of Cockburn reserves the right to cancel any booking for council business or due to unforeseen circumstances, as per Local Laws part VII, Division 2, 7.6 (e).
    • All hire will be a minimum of one (1) hour with 30min increments allowed thereafter.
  2. Charges

    • All times booked will be paid for including setting up and cleaning up of facility.
    • Costs of hire and bonds are in accordance with the current Fees and Charges Schedule.
    • Cancellations made less than two weeks before the hire date will forfeit the full hire charge.
    • The hirer may make application for a transfer to another date without forfeit depending on circumstances and the availability of the facility.
  3. Bonds

    • A bond as per the Fees and Charges Schedule will be applicable to all bookings.
    • The bond will be held against the following:
      • Damage to the building or equipment.
      • Additional cleaning other than the allocated time of one (1) hour.
      • Breach of the Conditions of Hire, Terms & Conditions.
      • Any false or misleading information is given regarding the nature of the booking.
    • The hirer will be liable for costs for damage etc. in excess of the bond deposited.
    • Hire fees and bonds being paid by cheque must be received by the City of Cockburn 14 days prior to the hire date. Cheques will not be accepted after this time.
    • Bond refunds will be made by direct debit, within one month of the booking date.
    • For any breach of the Conditions of Hire there will be a deduction of all or part thereof from the bond paid at the discretion of the authorising
    • Failure to lock the rooms after use that leads to damages may incur a deduction of bond.
    • Call outs for COSAFE Security Patrols caused by the hirer or resident complaints will incur a fee to the hirer.
    • Any administration costs incurred by the Council addressing anti-social behavior at functions or during general hire will incur a fee.
    • In the event floors are damaged as a result of your hire, the hirer is to pay 70% of the full repair cost.
  4. Restrictions

    • Alcohol is not to be stored on site within the community facilities at any point of time. All excess alcohol must be removed from the facility at the completion of each hire.
    • Confetti or any similar materials are not permitted either inside or outside the facility.
    • Signage must not be secured to any wall surfaces of the rooms.
    • Helium balloons are permitted provided they are anchored.
    • Vehicles must only use the parking bays provided.
    • All deliveries and collections to the rooms are to be included in the agreed time.
    • It is imperative that the hirer must not enter the facility before or after times booked and paid for.
    • Clause 4.9 Noise levels must comply with the Environmental Protection (Noise) Regulations 1997. Further advice may be obtained from the City of Cockburn Environmental Health Services. Please contact 9411 3589 for further information.
    • No exotic dancers, nudity or entertainment alike permitted in venues.
    • Finger food and water only can be consumed in the Conference Room. Hot food, Tea & Coffee must be consumed in the Community Room.
    • Function set up and clean up time is to be included with the time booked and paid for.
  1. City of Cockburn Responsibilities

    • The City of Cockburn will take every reasonable care and precaution to ensure that all utilities, services and equipment are in proper working order, but will not accept responsibilities for breakdowns beyond their control.
    • The City of Cockburn will make every effort to provide the hirer with a clean and tidy facility.
    • The City of Cockburn is not responsible for any damage, theft or loss of items belonging to or the responsibility of the hirer.
  2. Hirer’s Responsibilities

    • Liquor Licenses are the sole responsibility of the hirer, subsequent to permission being granted by the City of Cockburn for liquor to be consumed on the premises, according to the Liquor Licensing Act 1988 Section 119 (1).
    • Liquor Licenses are required when liquor is sold or provided under a door/cover charge.
    • Hirers must show respect and common courtesy for other user groups within the centre or persons in nearby premises.
    • The hirer is responsible for the behavior of all persons attending the function or activity.
    • Hirers are responsible for any public liability in respect to their activity. The City of Cockburn’s public liability will only cover injury; loss or damage as a result of any proven neglect or default of the city.
    • Should any accident and/or injury occur in the hired venue as a result of the hirers function and/or activity or general hire of the venue, the City of Cockburn cannot be held liable under any circumstance.
    • Keep outside doors and windows closed where possible and ensure they are locked at the conclusion of your function.
    • It is the responsibility of the hirer to inspect the facility and ensure suitability prior to making a booking.
  3. Cleaning

    • At the conclusion of the function/session the hirer shall:
      • Leave the entire building in a clean and tidy condition.
      • All external surrounding areas, car parks, verges and park lands to be left clean and tidy.
      • Make sure all fans/air conditioning/heating and lighting is switched off.
      • Sweep all floors that were used.
      • Spot mop any spillage.
      • Wipe, dry and stack tables and chairs then return to designated storage areas.
      • Place all rubbish in bins.
    • It is the responsibility of the hirer to remove all excess rubbish from the premises.
    • All unused food or drinks must be removed from the premises unless otherwise arranged with Bookings Officer.
  4. Keys/Security

    • All keys/cards are to be allocated by an Authorising Officer and returned the next working day or as instructed.
  5. Disputes

Any disputes concerning bond refunds must be made in writing and marked:

Attention Manager Community Services
City of Cockburn
PO Box 1215