Storytime with Karen – Babies

B is for babies!

B is for babies and Better Beginnings. Did you know that reading for pleasure is the most important indicator of the future success of a child? Reading books to your baby will develop your child’s listening and concentration skills and help your child learn to read and write. For more information about the Better Beginnings Family Literacy Program go to And remember to join us for our free storytime sessions.

 Books about babies

Who Loves Baby

Who loves baby? / Julia Hubery and Sean Julian

Who loves baby? Not his big brother, that’s for certain. After all, Baby is icky and sicky and pongy and pooey. Why doesn’t the Gooey Gang see that? The Gooey Gang love Baby. They goo and coo and gush over him. This is the delightful tale of an older sibling adjusting to life when a new baby comes along. Read it to find out why Baby’s big brother has a change of heart.

The Tall Man

 The tall man and the twelve babies / Tom Niland Champion & Kilmeny Niland

There are twelve adorable babies in this funny story about six baby boys called Alistair and six baby girls called Charlene who all live with a tall man in a tiny apartment. One day the door slams shut with the Charlenes on one side and the Alistairs on the other. What will the tall man do to reunite them?

let's go baby-o

 Let’s Go, Baby-o! / Janet & Andrew McLean

Your toddler will be bouncing, jumping, hopping, clapping, twisting and twirling when you read Let’s Go, Baby-o! In this fun-filled story of discovery, Baby and his cousin play action games. In between games they stop to look out the window. What do they see? What will you see?

Baby Rhyme

Baby gif

This is Baby Ready for a Nap

This is baby ready for a nap. (Hold up one finger)
Lay him down on mother’s lap. (Place finger in palm of other hand)
Cover him up so he won’t peep. (Wrap fingers around it)
Rock him ‘til he’s fast asleep. (Rock back and forth)

Rock A Bye Baby CraftPicture of completed craft project

You will need:

Small paper plate
Pipe cleaner
Coloured doily
Picture of a baby
Pencils or textas for colouring

Colour in the picture of a baby and then cut out. Fold paper plate in half and cut along the fold. Tape ends of pipe cleaner inside one half of the paper plate. Glue the paper plate halves together. Glue coloured doily to front of paper plate. Place your baby inside his cradle. Sing Rock A Bye Baby.

Rock A Bye Baby

Rock a bye baby

Rock a bye baby on the treetop.
When the wind blows, the cradle will rock.
When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall.
And down will come baby, cradle and all.


Author: Karen

I completed my tertiary qualification in Library and Information Studies in 1991 and began my career as a Librarian at the Supreme Court Law Library in 1992. Later that same year, I took a position as a Reference Librarian at the Perth Public Library and have been working in public libraries ever since. I have become very interested in the importance of early literacy and the significant relationship between reading for pleasure and the future success of a child.

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  1. Hello! Great work. Don’t be a stranger-drop me an email!

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  2. Fantastic, thanks Karen! I actually have some of those books on hand, so I just needed a new craft activity, and this one is perfect. Looking forward to Storytime next week. 🙂

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  3. Great post Karen. I love the Baby ready for a nap rhyme – the actions that go with it are cute!

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    • Karen

      Thanks David. The children really enjoy doing the actions. It will be a good one to include in your Pram Jam sessions!

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Storytime with Karen – Babies

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