Awesome Rawsome Event!

The event Awesome Rawsome held at Success Library on Saturday 14 March certainly lived up to its title.  Leila Gampfer is a pocket rocket and is testament to her claims that raw food promotes mental clarity, beautiful skin and increased energy & stamina.

Leila explained what raw food is;  in a nutshell –  not refined or processed and can include diary, fish and meat. Leila did not preach but advocated for small changes such as making a fresh juice or green smoothie daily and increasing your fruit and veg intake which would still bring many benefits.

She exuded so much enthusiasm and vitality that I made an unscheduled stop to purchase the ingredients to make her raw Moon Rocks – delicious.

If you want to know more about Rawsome have a look at their webpage. Cockburn Libraries have many books on raw food – so have a look at our catalogue.

Rawsome food event crowd


Author: Mally

Hi, despite having once hugged Hugh Jackman, shook hands with Prince Charles and chatted with Bob Hawke and Paul Keating, my day job is Adult Services Librarian at Spearwood Library. So if you have any programmes/events/clubs that you would like to see happening in your library, please let me know.

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Awesome Rawsome Event!

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