50 Most Borrowed Non-fiction Books of 2012

Everyone loves Jamie Oliver it seems, with Jamie’s 30-minute meals the most borrowed non-fiction book of 2012 (at least for adults; you’ll have to check out the kids’ blog to see what non-fiction the kids were borrowing last year, but I’ll give you these three words to consider: Lego, Star, Wars)Australian comedian Anh Do had the most popular biography, with The happiest refugee at #9, while iPad for seniors for dummies coming in at #16 would seem to indicate that tablet computing is taking off for all age groups. I’m sure Anthony Kiedis will be pleased to see his 2004 biography, Scar tissue, featuring in the Top 50 (at #21) as he and the other Red Hot Chili Peppers prepare for their upcoming Big Day Out tour
  1. Jamie’s 30-minute meals / Jamie Oliver
  2. MYOB software for dummies / Veechi Curtis
  3. The brain that changes itself : stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of brain science / Norman Doidge
  4. Cockburn : the making of a community / Michael Berson
  5. Guinness world records 2012
  6. The free range cook / Annabel Langbein
  7. The secret / Rhonda Byrne
  8. A new earth : awakening to your life’s purpose / Eckhart Tolle
  9. The happiest refugee : the extraordinary true story of a boy’s journey from starvation at sea to becoming one of Australia’s best-loved comedians / Anh Do
  10. Sweet poison : why sugar makes us fat / David Gillespie
  1. Eat, pray, love : one woman’s search for everything / Elizabeth Gilbert
  2. The biology of belief : unleashing the power of consciousness, matter and miracles / Bruce H. Lipton
  3. The Dukan diet / Pierre Doctor Dukan
  4. Save our sleep : a parents’ guide towards happy, sleeping babies from birth to two years / Tizzie Hall
  5. 1-2-3 magic / Thomas W. Phelan
  6. iPad for seniors for dummies / Nancy Muir
  7. The power of now : a guide to spiritual enlightenment / Eckhart Tolle
  8. Camping atlas of Western Australia : complete guide to camping in national parks, state forests, nature reserves, selected private camping grounds / Colin Kerr
  9. Dear fatty / Dawn French
  10. Excel formulas and functions for dummies / Ken Bluttman
  11. Scar tissue / Anthony Kiedis
  12. The China study : the most comprehensive study of nutrition ever conducted and the startling implications for diet, weight loss and long-term health / T. Colin Campbell
  13. Champagne life on a beer budget : how to live the good life and get more bang for your buck! / Maree Wrack
  14. Sins of the father : the untold story behind Schapelle Corby’s ill-fated drug run / Eamonn Duff
  15. Ben Cousins : my life story / Ben Cousins
  16. Feeding your baby & toddler : the complete cookbook and nutrition guide / Annabel Karmel
  17. Life / Keith Richards
  18. Organic vegetable gardening / Annette McFarlane
  19. Raising boys : why boys are different — and how to help them become happy and well-balanced men / Steve Biddulph
  20. The sweet poison quit plan : how to kick the sugar habit and lose weight / David Gillespie
  21. Thinking, fast and slow / Daniel Kahneman
  22. Cooking with quinoa : the supergrain / Rena Patten
  23. Empty cradles / Margaret Humphreys
  24. Allen Carr’s easy way to stop smoking / Allen Carr
  25. Jamie Durie’s The outdoor room / Jamie Durie
  26. The baby-led weaning cookbook : over 130 delicious recipes for the whole family to enjoy / Gill Rapley
  27. 4 ingredients / Kim McCosker
  28. Card making : handmade greetings for all occasions
  29. Making children’s clothes : 25 stylish step-by-step sewing projects for 0-5 years / Emma Hardy
  30. The big book of baby names : every parent’s inspirational guide to naming their new child / Marissa Charles
  31. The Gabriel method : lose weight without dieting : Jon Gabriel’s diet-free way to totally transform your body / Jon Gabriel
  32. The rough guide to Bali & Lombok / Lesley Reader
  33. Baby names made easy : the complete reverse dictionary of baby names / Amanda Elizabeth Barden
  34. Cooking with kids
  35. Guinness world records 2011
  36. Haynes computer manual : the step-by-step guide to upgrading, repairing and maintaining a PC / Kyle MacRae
  37. Jamie’s dinners / Jamie Oliver
  38. My first art activity book : 35 fun and easy art projects for children aged 7 years + / Clare Youngs
  39. The CSIRO total wellbeing diet / Manny (Manila) Noakes
  40. The diary of a young girl : the definitive edition / Anne Frank


Author: Lawley

Technology Coordinator for Cockburn Libraries.  Most recent reads: Gotham / Nick Earls -- The Life and Death of Sophie Stark / Anna North -- Universal Harvester / John Darnielle -- The handmaid's tale / Margaret Atwood.

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50 Most Borrowed Non-fiction Books of 2012

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